Many hotels, health resorts, agricultural farms all over the World have Indian Village.
It attracts thousands of clients each year..

It must be this way, because anyone who once crosses the step of a tipi wants to come back again and again. That's the magic about it.

Just think for a moment... since others took advantage of this opportunity and earn money on villages why it cannot be you making the profit? Especially... that we make the village for you, all you need to arrange is place, funds and trust us this is really great business.

If you already own a hotels, health resort or agricultural farm, Indian Village can only enrich your prestige on the market. Indian village is also a great idea to start up such entrepreneurship

Indian Village

 Indian villages have recently become more and more popular. It's because of the widespread notion of getting back to nature. Tipi guarantees a unique atmosphere and anyone, who has spent at least a moment inside it will be amazed. Simple construction, mobility, burning fire or electric stove - imitation of fire, and great party atmosphere make people more than willing to come back. It also serves as a sleeping place. It is waterproof, so even during the rain it stays dry and linen is impregnated from rotting. A tipi can be stored outdoor all year round.

There a number of ways how to make profit on such activities. Tipi composes great with agricultural farms, resorts, hotels, studs and camping places. Its attractiveness gains attention of thousands of clients.

Indian villages can interesting leisure places and Indian museums.

Indian Villageas a leisure place

A Village as a leisure place with a possibility to stay over night gain greater support worldwide. They can be seen by camping places, hotels and various resorts. Even agricultural farms, who already offer accommodation, provide tipi as an extra attraction for tourists. A night spent in a tipi is unforgettable, glittering fire, raindrops falling on the linen, but never inside, shadows on the walls and this vast space. It all makes people come back to cherish again this magnificent atmosphere.

Indian Village as a museum

This type of a village requires greater effort, but also brings huge profits. Museum requires rebuilding some part of the history that is already gone, to show to others. That's why in this kind of tipi, the village needs to be furnished with all accessories resembling old Indian village.A person, who is in charge of the village, should have a basic knowledge about Indians to be able to pass it on to the participants.

Other attractions such as horse riding, playground for children in Indian style or food can be offered and by this create an entertainment center in the village. Such centers will attract school trips, individual and group tourists. One can introduce entrance fee (tickets) and by this increase profits from running such business.

How many tipi and how to organize it?

Number of tipi, which is accurate in this village, is quite an individual thing. There can be from 5 to 40 pieces of tipi of different kind in one village. It all depends on the purpose of a given tipi.

Tipi as accommodation.

The most popular size of the tipi is 6 meters high.

Tipi furnishing

Just as at home, plain walls will not create an atmosphere. The spirit of a certain place comes with little things that create it. Accessories that are worth buying are as follow:

  • Wooden floor - like in home
  • Chests - for keeping clothes
  • Beds - with good mattress covering by nice blanket
  • Table and chairs - for good resting during the day
  • Electric stove - imitation of fire instead real fire to be sure about safety
  • Lights - for making amazing atmosphere during the night

Tipi painting 

This is an element that changes tipi into a masterpiece. Such painted tipi looks just unbelievably. It works also as an advertisement. You can choose from original Indian patterns but also have an original pattern designed by an artist.

Planning a village.

Budget will be the factor, which will influence our decision upon selection of elements to our village. Firstly, I will present the basic option, which can be adjusted to individual needs

A village of five tipi makes a good base for further development, but such constellation itself makes also good impression. Indian village should be make as a circle. For more than 5 Tipis the village can be made like big circle or as a few thematic circles.

An extended village - a museum

An extended Indian Village is a serious endeavor but it can bring profits as well. Such village becomes both a museum (a reconstruction) of Indian village but also an attraction enthusiastically visited by school trips and summer camps. With additional attractions (like horse riding, barbeque with sausages, a playground, and other agricultural attractions) it resembles an entertainment center. In the village, summer camps for kids or integration parties for companies can be organized.

We are able to make many elements that give a village Indian character: totems, reconstruction on an Indian sweatlodge, playground in Indians style, replicas of a handicraft such us warshirt, warbonnet, Indians dresses, amulets etc.

For more informations write us: office[usun-to]

Totems and Tipi – why not?

Although Indians from Great Plains lived in Tipis did not know the totems (it was made by Seaside Indians - Haida) in the modern time many Indian Villages join an expiration of two differen culture, because the Tipi and the Totem are the greatest symbols of Indians culture.

Only a few artists in Europe can make real good totem.Our artist have 15 years experience in making totems in Canada. He was instructed by native people from reservation. To make a good totem expect great knowledge about symbolism using on totems.

We offer 2 options with totem style. Old style - these are replicac of original Haida totems or New style - totems inspired of indiasns culture. Totems can be natural or painted.

Warranty, safety and instalation. 

All you need to arrange is place and funds. We come to your place with all elements, make instalation and give you 3 years warranty! Our secure system quarantee safety village. We have 20 years experience with making Indian Villages!

How much Indian Village costs. 

We offer Tipis with exclusive equipment and additional elements

The main choose is the Tipi size. For 3 beds we suggest 5,5 meters Tipi size and for 4 beds we suggest 6 meters Tipi size.


 Necessary elements in Tipi as acomodation:

  • Outside cover
  • Poles
  • Floor
  • Inside linings
  • Ozan
  • Painting
  • Interior (table, chairs, chest for clothing)

Delivery and Instalation

Our company offer delivery and installation till total functionality the Indian Village. The service included CIP installation (delivered, installed, put into the function till total functionality).

The place where Tipi Village will be installed needs to be prepared by purchaser according to our technical directions. All electricity installations shall be prepared by purchaser.

Time to produce: 

Time to produce depend on quantity of Tipis and its equipment. It is about 1 month for 20 Tipis with full equipment.

If you are interested in Indian Village we can arrange meeting at your place and discuss about your exceptation.

We are open for any change and modifications according to your wishes.

How to order Indian Village

You can use our ESTIMATOR to make pre order. Describe your preferences, numer of Tipis and we will send you a full offer with shipping costss

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact:

E-mail: office[usun-to]

Mobile: +48 574665363