"Spending time in a tipi is just stunning. It's big, comfy, spacious, and the scent of fire recalls feelings of unconstrained freedom, warmth, adventure and delight. It reminds me of valuable time spent with my friends." Darek, a tipi's owner
"It's been 20 years since I first camped in a tipi and I cannot imagine it differently. The fire gives warmth and this special atmosphere, and I can watch the stars in the sky through open smoke flaps - what else do you need?" Robert, a tipi's owner
"A night spent in a tipi is unforgettable, even stars observed through the hole look different, somehow mysterious. You cannot put into words the impression a tipi makes. You just have to experience it yourself." Pablo Red Heart, a tipi's owner
"When I stepped into the tipi, I felt as if I was stepping into my own house. It's because of its unique atmosphere. I felt as a native Indian. It was incredible to watch the sun rays coming though the hole inside during the day, and possibility to watch glittering sky in the night." Wojtek, 13 year old
"When it's warm in the summer, you fold up parts of the linen and it's getting even more pleasant. When it's getting cold, you throw another piece of wood to the fire and close the door. It can be freezing outside, but you don't really care about it. Tipi is just great!" Krzysztof, A tipi's owner
"After some time spent in my tipi I felt fantastic. I enjoyed the silent atmosphere, peace and friendship that were filling the inside. All that time was an experience that I will not forget till the end if my life. It was something unbelievable. I cannot wait until I move in there again." Angelika, 14 year old
"Neat and beautiful home as a gift from old, blissful times of noble Indian culture, has become my asylum. It means that dreams do come true Since early childhood, I have always been fascinated with tribes and their way of life. I was especially fascinated with respect they showed toward nature and every creature, even if it was to become an object of hunting. Indian beliefs and habits filled with mysticism, joy, simplicity and dignity envisioned longing for the lost paradise. Since I have a tipi in my backyard, I can discover the perfection of lost paradise over and over again. This perfection is tangible. The perfect form of this light but long lasting construction amazes with proportions. With its poles sticking out, it opens up for the magic of the universe. The universe, revealed in colors and symbols, permeate into interior through mystic fire in the middle. The sacred fire, giving Indians and us light, warmth, sense of security and finally joy that comes thanks to closeness of friend. Smell of smoke, comfortable beddings and lack of disturbing mosquitoes allow both children and adults to fall asleep easily. No one would even think of getting back to brick house, even when it rained." Beata from Silesia.
A tipi home owner.