Hau Kola company was founded in 1997
by Sabina and Kris Kolba,
enthusiasts of North American Indians
for over 20 years.

The origins of the company date back 1995 years when the first tipi tent has been made. Within a few years the company has developed, built the first production hall and sale tents to the whole of Europe.

Since 2000, the quality has become the most important aspect in company. Canvas imported from the best factory in Europe, special sewing machines and qualified staff made our products have been appreciated worldwide.

Our tents are already in most European countries, as well as in the USA, South Korea, Israel, and on many islands.

Beside Tipi tent we start the production of luxury Mongolian yurts, historical and large marqee.

We are the company that puts quality in addition to the flexibility and aesthetics. We always try to adapt to the needs of our customers and our painting projects make tents become piece of art.

Our greatest achievements are:

The biggest Indian village in Europe (Slovenia, Terme Catez resort)


Indian camps & yurts in South Korea

Indian village the center of Rome.

The biggest marqee size 27x18m (there is an opera inside in Ireland)

Meditation center near Warsaw (12m diameter yurt connected with 4 yurts 5m dia.)