Purchasing a tipi guarantees unforgettable memories of great moments spent with your family and friends.

Quit with boredom and monotony! A tipi is a magic place, where time stops. Even mosquitoes stay away!

People tend to call a tipi an Indian „tent”, but don't believe it. Forget about a tiny and cold place, what in fact a tent is. It is always warm in a tipi and you can start a fire there!

It is spacious enough to be occupied by 30 people at the same time.

Sounds like a real s a l o o n, doesn't it?


...you lie down in a warm and comfortable bed, you smell roasted sausages and other tasty flavors mix with the scent of cut wood. The fire burns nearby, magic shadows appear on the tipi's walls, and you can see twinkling stars in the sky through a little hole just above your head. You fall asleep remembering the glamorous time of your childhood.

"It's been 20 years since I first camped in a tipi and I cannot imagine it differently. The fire gives warmth and this special atmosphere, and I can watch the stars in the sky through open smoke flaps - what else do you need?"
Robert Piesiecki, a tipi's owner

"When I stepped into the tipi, I felt as if I was stepping into my own house. It's because of its unique atmosphere. I felt as a native Indian. It was incredible to watch the sun rays coming though the hole inside during the day, and possibility to watch glittering sky in the night."
Wojtek Jaszczur, 13 year old

Do you still think you can call the tipi a tent? In Indian language "A tipi" means "Home". It is going to be a place, where time stops for you. And where mosquitoes stay away! Have I mentioned that?

How to get rid of mosquitoes?.

Have you ever dreamt of a place, where you can hide from mosquitoes and relax at the same time? Have you dreamt of a place where the atmosphere is not stifling and a chilly wind skims your face bringing along the scent of fresh apples?

A place like this exists. As you already know, there is a fire inside a tipi. A tipi is made of natural linen, which absorbs smoke and resign from burning wood. Those are scents which mosquitoes hate.

A tipi is like a protective bar against any biting insects. They smell the smoke from faraway and simply fly in other direction. Is it a place you have dreamt of? It is only the beginning of tipis' advantages.

Winter does not necessary finish our adventure with a tipi...

You probably thought that once the winter has come, you need to fold down the tipi and that's it. Nothing more misleading!

It is winter time 
that brings the most fun with a tipi!


You are getting back from skiing or sledging. Or maybe you just had a snowball fight. It's a freezing afternoon, the temperature outside falls below 20 degrees. You can either go home, or... organize unforgettable evening in a tipi! Burning fire will immediately warm up the interior and you can undress from jacket and sweater. 

It is minus 20 degrees outside! Hard to believe? I remember New Year's Eve spent with my friends in a tipi.

It was minus 27 degrees outside! And wearing shirts, we roasted sausages, in a big pot we were making game stew, next to that we grilled bacon and courgettes

 You can laugh at people
canceling barbecue parties because of rainy weather,
... when you have a Tipi

You probably won't believe when I say, that...

barbecue can work even in sever rainfall and thunderstorm. It is hard to believe but when it rains outside it gives even more pleasure to stay in a tipi. Why?

Imagine having a barbecue in the garden and suddenly terrible rainfall comes! You desperately try to gather all things and rush to the house wondering how to squeeze all guests inside.

Think of the times, when it's raining and you wonder, looking though the window: "How nice would it be to have a barbecue and a little get together with friends". If only you had a tipi?

Waterproof walls prevent raindrops to get inside, the fire gives light and warmth, and there is enough space to invite up to 30 people. All you need to do is go shopping and make a few phone calls. Unforgettable parties in all weather conditions? You can be sure of that.

Do you think of revitalizing your body and soul? 
Stress brings you down? 
A tipi will allow you to regain all the energy there is in you!

For many people, a tipi is an asylum, a place where they find peace and stillness. It's a kind of lonely desert, where time stops and sorrows disappear. The circle on which a tipi is buildevokes soothing feelings. Scent of resign has a calming effect as well. Closeness of nature makesall bad feelings fly away with the smoke high up to the sky.

Do you treasure art and beauty? You deserve a bit of luxury.

For those, who fancy art and beauty, and for those, who want to possess something unique in their garden, we have prepared a surprise.

A tipi can become a real piece of art in the garden.

We hire professional artists, who decorate vast piece of linen, of which a tipi is made, with visions and vivid scenes of caring animals, eagles, bears, bison and panthers. They all seem to liven up in the light of an open fire.

Compare the tipi below and decide whether you deserve this kind of luxury.

Many hotels, health resorts, 
agricultural farms all over the World
have Indian Village.
It attracts thousands of clients
each year..

Indian villages have recently become more and more popular.

Hotels, B&Bs, resorts SPA & WELLNESS, campings and agroturistic places often uses Tipi (instead of bungalow) and offers them as very special sleeping place.

More information at: INDIAN CAMPS section

Listen, what OTHERS have to say:

"Neat and beautiful home as a gift from old, blissful times of noble Indian culture, has become my asylum. It means that dreams do come true

Since early childhood, I have always been fascinated with tribes and their way of life. I was especially fascinated with respect they showed toward nature and every creature, even if it was to become an object of hunting. Indian beliefs and habits filled with mysticism, joy, simplicity and dignity envisioned longing for the lost paradise. Since I have a tipi in my backyard, I can discover the perfection of lost paradise over and over again. This perfection is tangible. 

The perfect form of this light but long lasting construction amazes with proportions. With its poles sticking out, it opens up for the magic of the universe. The universe, revealed in colors and symbols, permeate into interior through mystic fire in the middle. The sacred fire, giving Indians and us light, warmth, sense of security and finally joy that comes thanks to closeness of friend.

Smell of smoke, comfortable beddings and lack of disturbing mosquitoes allow both children and adults to fall asleep easily. No one would even think of getting back to brick house, even when it rained.

Beata from Silesia. 
A tipi home owner.

Guarantee and Trust

We offer two year guarantee for handcraft and 3 years guarantee for the linen!

We know that you will enjoy your tipi for many years.

We have been selling tipi for 20 years. Our tipis can be found all over the world, namely USA, South Korea, England, France, Slovenia, Denmark, Sardine, Israel and many others. People have trusted us, and so can you.

How is constructed Tipi

Outside cover

We use one of the best canvas in Europe from France. This is cotton-polyester canvas 460g/m2 weight with excellent water and rot proof impregnation (carbon resin + paraffin wax + fungal protection). Canvas has trademark LATIM™ and we give 3 year quarantee for this canvas. There is also option with canvas 570g/m2 with additional fire-proof treatment (M2 certificate).


We offer hand peeled and dryed poles, pine, impregnated.

A tipi is built on 14 wooden polesShipping costs are very expensive. To avoid high delivery youcan arrange them yourself. Call nearest sawmill or forestry and ask if they can prepare poles for you, following these instructions:

  • type of wood (fir, spruce, pine)
  • quantity: 14 pieces for a tipi
  • length: at least 2 meters longer than a tipi. For a tipi, which is 6 meters high, the poles need to be 8 meters long.
  • poles need to be straight and as thin as possible (diameter in its thickest point should have 8-12 cm)
  • poles need to be peeled, tapered and smooth to the touch

Smoke flaps

During different weather conditions you can change their position.

Inside Liners

Inner liners - is a layer of a material, 2 meters high, spread all around tipi.

At the bottom it is attached to the ground (floor) and at the top it is tied to the thread around the poles. Attaching system prevent worms inside the Tipi. Liners warms tipi up and prevents from being seen from outside.


An ozan - is a type of roof hung above the bedding inside the Tipi. We created our own system anti-rain protection in a whole Tipi. Ozan will be umbrella shape with possibility of rolling.

What else do you need to know?

You need to decide upon the size of the tipi. Deciding how many people will sleep in and how many will be invited for parties will help you make a decision.

Tipi size 3 & 4m are dedicated for children. You shouldn’t make a fire inside.

Tipi size People sleeping in People for he party
3 metres 2 persons about 4 children
4 metres 2-3 persons about 10 children
5 metres 3-6 persons about 20 persons
5.5 metres 3-6 persons about 25 persons
6 metres 4-8 persons about 30 persons
7-8 metres 5-10 persons about 40 persons
9 metres 6-12 persons over 50 persons

* most frequently ordered tipi in the world

How to order a Tipi

Use our TIPI ESTIMATOR to check a price and put preorder

If you have any question call: +48 574665363 or email us at: office[usun-to]@kolba.eu